The Scavenger Gods

A History of the Fourth Age

Regarding the appearance, and disappearance, of dragons.

Note: All years have been converted to CR (Chronicler Reckoning) to reflect the major method of recorded history. All dates prior to 0 CR are “pre-historic” and largely based on oral traditions, myth, conjecture, and reconstruction from discovered artifacts.

Year (CR) Events
1550 A plague of giant, froglike creatures issues forth from the black hole and overrun the world.
1600 The Chroniclers begin to raise an army within their forests and create a servitor race of small, vicious plant creatures known as Twigjacks.
The Twigjacks are all devoured by the Slaadi almost as soon as they are made.
The Ice-age ends and the waters rise again. The cities of Venit and Contravene are again submerged, and the pangolin homeland is once again cutoff from the mainland.
The Pangolins invent Morris Dancing to celebrate the end of the long cold.
The Giant Worms of the Steppes die off from the change in climate, leaving behind a huge network of empty caverns and tunnels beneath the steppes.
The Lord of Wyrms visits the world and raises a great mountain range dividing the worm lands from the larger steppes to the south and east.
The Lord of Wyrms then shaped the first dragons from the remains of the worms. Creating several varieties ranging from as small as a house cat to larger than a whale. He teaches his new creation the arts of genetic engineering so that they might further differentiate themselves to fit their environment.
1700 Swarms of metal-eating Rust Flies and Rust Fleas appear in the south near Karna, devouring much of the remains of Ardhamite culture and putting a temporary stop to mining operations in Karna.
Myconids (mushroom people) appear in the caverns beneath the old Worm Lands, living alongside the dragons.
The Pangolins develop a taste for rust fleas and rust flies, and, after a few years of plentiful eating, end the plague.
1800 The Pangolins in Karna make a formal treaty with the Kraken King and the Drowned. The two races begin raising a shared army in Karna.
The Drowned in Karna, Venit, and Contravene begin restoring ancient Human and Ardhamite artifacts, developing advanced ship-building and metallurgy techniques.
The waters of the Great Mountain, long stopped, seek a new outlet. Waters spring forth in the Salt Flats, beginning to fill the Great Salt Lake again. The worm tunnels of the north also begin to flood.
Forests begin to grow up around the edge of the Misty Valleys.
The dragons begins developing the arts of Teraforming, shaping the land to their needs. They engineer two new races—aquatic dragons, and the three-headed Hydragons, able to shape the land with their very breath.
The Earth Cleaver infects the Slaadi with a cancer which causes them all to dissolve into thick, black ooze. The ooze is then animated, creating a variety of gelatinous creatures. Out of these are raised up a sentient race of oozes able to assume humanoid form, the Ghaunadans.
1900 The king of the dragons engineers the Scandar, a race of six-armed, ape-like creatures as servitors of the dragons.
The Scandar hunt down and destroy the last of the Arachnids.
Certain of the Hydragons begin experimenting with regenerative powers—cutting off their own heads to grow new ones. The severed heads of Hydragons become a popular delicacy among the other races.
The dragons develop a symbiotic relationship with many swarming vermin and engineer new swarm-based breath-weapons for themselves. Insect populations in the world begin to grow rapidly.
An order of dragons known as The Shapers, who believe themselves to be gods, forms and begins demanding worship from the “lesser” races. (Corrupt -1)
A fleet of the Drowned and Pangolins lands in the north and founds the city of Panam, controlling the southern pass through the mountains dividing the Steppes from the lands of the the dragons.
1950 The worm tunnels dry out and the myconids found the subteranean city of Zyxyn.
The Pangolins and the Drowned sign a treaty with the Dragon nation, and begin learning to use Dragons as mounts. An army of Dragoons (dragon-riding, pangolin knights armed with steel weapons from the Drowned) are formed from the alliance of the three races.
With the outlet in the worm-tunnels closed, the waters of the Salt Lake begin to rise again, driving the remaining Tardigrades to the cities of Kosh and Io.
The diverted waters of the Great Mountain burst from the ground in the northeast, forming the Dragonsflow River.
The dragons engineer the pinnacle of their race, colossal beasts able to spit forth megafauna (mastodons, cave bears, ballucitherium, and others) and create entire forests with their breath. Populations of game animals soar.
2000 The Lord of Pestilence grants sentience to those bacteria that dwell within the intestines of all creatures. These hive-minded gut flora quickly develop an over-strong sense of traditional morality, inflicting vomiting and intense abdominal pain on any host that they deem to be engaging in “deviant” behavior. (Purify +4)
The dragons, finally content with the level of biodiversity in the world, begin developing the arts of Necromancy and “conveniently” dispose of the Mega-fauna and Mega-flora spewing uber-Dragons and also kill off the Lernaean Hydragons.
Factions and rifts begin forming within Dragon society, leading to the creation of the Chromatic Dragons, Metallic Dragons, and Lyndwyrms.
2050 The giant mushroom forests from the Isle of Shrooms spread to the mainland and quickly expand across the north.
The myconids discover the newly grown Mushroom Forests and found the cities of Mxyzptlk, Qwsp, and Gsptlsnz. The architecture of these cities achieves previously unknown heights, with towering, gothic-style skyscrapers protruding above of the canopy of the mushroom forests.
The Lord of Pestilence creates the being known as “Aqua Pura”, water given life and sentience, who immediately animates much of the world’s water into a great cloud known as The Mist. The Mist sweeps across the world, killing more than half of the worlds population and completely killing off the Chroniclers, the Cat-folk, the Myconids, the Ghaunadans, the Scandar, and all of the Dragons save the Hydragons.
The Mist continues south across the world, but is destroyed when it encounters the Salt Flats.
In the wake of The Mist, two new sentient races appear in the north: The Penguins and the Monarus. They inhabit many of the cities abandoned by the Dragons and the penguins, quickly differentiate into a number of sub-races (Emporer, Macaroni, and Rockhopper).
2100 The Water Wall finally collapses, severing the land-bridge between the north-eastern and north-western continents.
The original Chronicler hive-mind re-awakens and creates the Treants to continue the work of the Chronicling. The Treants build a great library near the northern forest.
The Lord of Plants intervenes and resurrects the Myconids.
A handfull of Cat-folk who survived The Mist by hiding on the Isle of Ferns reappear.
The Pangolin Dragoons hatch a new generation of Dragons, from eggs that they had been keeping as part of their treaty.
The Penguins develop steampower and immediately begin building airships.
The Monarus develop electricity and form an alliance with the Penguins to begin developing a rail-system in the east.
An offshoot of the Treants, known as Maples have an uprising in the forests. They form the organization known as The Union and begin drafting laws governing the rights of sentient beings.
2150 The Monarus build new cities on the northern edge of the Salt Flats and begin the mining and exporting of salt once again.
The Tardigrades, spurred by contact with the Monarus, begin exploring the technologies left behind by their forebears, developing skill in clockwork computing, encryption, and finance. The salt banks re-open.
Driven by the appearance of the renewed activity in the salt flats, a strong xenophobic/nationalistic sentiment rises among the Pangolins. They close the borders to the south-eastern lands which they control. (Corrupt -1)
The restored Myconids begin pursuing their love of architecture once more.
The young dragons, kept in service to the Pangolins, once again begin experimenting with genetic modification.
The Earth Cleaver creates the chaotic, shapeshifting, magic-using race known as the Draconis.


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