The Scavenger Gods

A History of the Second Age

Regarding the first wars and the founding of Karna.

Note: All years have been converted to CR (Chronicler Reckoning) to reflect the major method of recorded history. All dates prior to 0 CR are “pre-historic” and largely based on oral traditions, myth, conjecture, and reconstruction from discovered artifacts.

Year (CR) Events
-21000 The southernmost tip of the southern continent was flooded and turned into saltwater swamps by the Lord of Pestilence
The Lord of Chance planted a great field of soporific mushrooms on an island in the northernmost bay.
The Lord of Plants founded the Cult of the Creeping Tendril, bent on conquest and world-domination, among the Man-groves.
The Aamuh began cultivating the land of the Turtle-Head Peninsula, draining the swamps and turning them into arable land.
-20000 The Great Mountain erupts, burying the Man-Grove city in a great rain of magma and scattering the Man-Groves.
The great leader Ardhan, rises among the Man-groves and leads many of them into exile following the destruction of their city.
A group of Aamuh are born that are unable to breathe water. This group becomes known as Humans and found the city of Uruk on the islands off the western coast.
-19000 The Lord of Pestilence causes a mass die-off of fish and other marine creatures, which wash ashore in the southern swamps, now known as the Dead Swamps.
The Leviathan appears in the Dead Swamps and gives birth to a race of fish-locust hybrids known as the Poxlom.
The Lord of Chance cuts himself and bleeds forth the Silverblood River, running through the middle of the south-western portion of the continent.
The Aamuh continue their efforts to convert the land south of the Beaked Peninsula to arable farmland.
-18000 The Lord of Plants shaped a race of sapient feline creatures.
The Lord of the Waters created the terrestrial Kraken in opposition to the aquatic Leviathan.
The Humans begin worshiping the Kraken, founding the Cult of the Walking Fish.
The Poxlom begin breeding at an incredible rate.
The Man-Groves, under the leadership of Ardham begin mastering the art of metallurgy.
-17000 The Poxlom master the science of vectors and begin a decline into absolute evil. (Corrupt -2)
The servants of Ardham begin modifying their vegetative bodies with metal augmentations, setting themselves apart from their man-grove brethren and becoming the Ardhamites. The Ardhamites found the cities of Ferga, Arga, and Karna along the banks of the Silverblood River and begin raising an army.
The Lord of Plants cuts a deep, fog-shrouded valley in the midst of the southern continent.
The cat-folk found the city of Katmandid in the Misty Valleys and begin to develop mastery of the forces of electricity, creating many wonders and earning them the moniker Thundercats from the neighboring races.
The Humans master the art of ship-building and land on the mainland, founding the city of Venit.
-16000 The first human settlers land at the mouth of the Silverblood, sparking the First Great War. The human explorers are massacred by the Ardhamites, who then march on Katmandid, conquering the Thundercats and renaming the town Arga Felonis. The Ardhamites then come into conflict with the Poxlom near Karna, and the war rages for many hundreds of years.
The Dendrite Order rises among the Ardhamites in Karna, dedicated to “the purity of iron”.
The Leviathan appears in the flesh among the Poxlom and raises a great army to assault Karna.
Jaga, the fuzzy one, rises among the Thundercats ousted from Katmandid and begins building an army in exile.
The Humans, concerned about the loss of their exploratory vessels, begins building a great armada at Uruk.
-15000 The human armada lands at the south-westernmost point of the continent and builds the unassailable coastal city of Sumter. The fortifications of which shall never be matched in the world.
The Poxlom crush the Ardhamites at Karna, infecting all of the survivors of the great battle with a painful disease.
Ardham flees the battle of Karna and begins raising a new army in Arga. The Ardhamites in Arga begin mastering the arts of public administration.
Alder, a great holy-man among the man-groves declares anathema on Ardham and those who follow him, naming Ardham “The Bad Seed”.
-14000 An order of Katmandists, determined to reclaim their lost homeland, forms around the Thundercat leader Jaga.
The Lord of Pestilence sends a plague of rats into the Poxlom-controlled city of Karna.
The Ardhamites continue to advance the science of metallurgy, learning how to work rare metals such as mithril and adamantine.
The Bamboo-princess, Narishvara appears among the man-groves of Ferga and stirs up more anti-Ardhan sentiment. The Lord of Fate reshapes her children and followers, creating the Bamboo-Folk.
-13000 The Dendrite Order discovers massive mines of precious metals—Titanium, Nickel, Adamantine, and others—in the hills around Karna.
The Ardhamites continue to advance their skill with metallic body-augmentation, such that they are “born wood, yet become steel”.
The Lord of Plants cleaves the ground of the south-central plains, expanding the Misty Valleys to make a home for the Thundercats in exile.
The human armada lands in Karna, where they are welcomed by the Dendrites as liberators, and proceed to slaughter the Poxlom, destroying them utterly.
The Lord of Pestilence causes a great eruption beneath the mines of Karna, sending a great cloud of vaporized metals into the air. A rain of mercury pours down on Karna for a hundred years.
-12000 The Lord of the Waters sent a hurricane to clear the air above Karna, ending the poisonous storms, but polluting the gulf at the mouth of the Silverblood, creating Quicksilver Bay.
Jaga and the Thundercat Zionists rise up and retake Katmandid from the Ardhamites.
The Lord of Pestilence raises a range of mountains cutting Karna off from Arga and the other Ardhamite cities to the north.
Willow, the first Druid—a great, sentient tree—grows on the peak of the mountains dividing Karna and Arga.
Ardham, reeling from his defeats at Karna and Katmandid, raises a new army in Arga. The Ardhamites in Arga discover coal and begin developing steam power.
-11000 It is discovered that the Aamuh have become masters of psionic mind-control and have been the driving force behind the human’s rapid expansion.
The Tardigrades, long silent, build three new cities in the Salt Flats: Kosh, Io, and Fleur de Sel.
The Tardigrades appear throughout the world using great clockwork flying machines, born on trade-winds created by the Lord of Chance.
Narishvara raises an army in Ferga to oppose Ardham and begins a civil-war among the various Man-grove races.
-10000 Ardham marches on Ferga and kills Narishvara, ending the civil-war.
The great Hive Tyrant, Chikit (Kai-Tick), becomes ruler of the Tardigrades.
The Tardigrades develop antikythera mechanisms, clockwork computing, and advanced cryptographics for protecting their investors’ information.
Karna, after several thousand years of relative peace, falls into decadence. (Corrupt -1)
The Lord of Chance causes the Brass Mere in the southern mountains to overflow, creating a new tributary of the Silverblood.
-9000 Great earthquakes rock the northern Steppes, caused by the sudden appearance of giant worm-like creatures.
The humans continue to expand, founding the cities of Mocvau and Whit, on the northern continent, and Salisbury, on the southern coast of the great Salt Flats.
The Tardigrades master the art of glass-making and threaten the human city of Salisbury with strange weapons that magnify and focus light.
The Dendrite Order founds the holy city of Corgha on the shores of the Brass Mere.
-8000 The Thundercats, after years of political double-dealing with the Ardhamites, become masters of Intrigue.
Faced with the advanced weapons of the Ardhamites, Tardigrades, and Thundercats, the humans call on the gods for help, becoming the first users of Divine magic.
The Enclavists Order appears among the Dendrites, preaching a doctrine of isolationism and the hoarding of knowledge. They Enclavists build the great nautilus-shaped Spire in the heart of Corgha.
Ardham begins building a new army in a desire to conquer the humans.
-7000 The long-isolationist mercenary Arachnids appear at the head of Tardigrade negotiations, having mastered the arts of Eugenics, Weather-control Magics, Unarmed Martial Arts, and military Logistics.
The humans begin advancing the science of naval warfare, becoming undisputed masters of the sea.
The Dendrite Order, long a presence in Karna, rises up and defeats the city’s human overlords, killing the Kraken and taking control of the mines of Karna.
The Thundercat city of Kashyyk is founded.
-6000 The Lord of the Waters caused the first forest to grow on the southern shores, near the fortified city of Sumter.
The Willow gives birth to a race of sentient Pangolins which make their home in the southern forests.
The Eclavists build the inner-sanctum of the Spire in Corgha, isolating themselves completely, even from other Dendrites.
Great bamboo forests begin growing up around the city of Ferga.
Ardham’s army marches on Sumter and lays siege to the fabled fortress.
-5000 The Kraken Kings of the human capital of Venit raise a great army to oppose the Ardhamites.
Ardham, stymied at Sumter, marches on Venit and lays a siege. The war rages so long that the Ardhamite city of Contra-Vene grows on the outskits of Venit.
The Arachnids begin building an army (for an as-yet unknown purpose).
-4000 The Dendrites and Enclavists finally throw off the last vestiges of their plant-based origins, becoming creatures of an entirely artificial nature, calling themselves the Inevitables.
The Tardigrades develop advanced data storage and record keeping capabilities and found a strange pact with the esotericist Inevitables.
The Human-Ardhamite war ends with the cities of Venit and Contra-Vene falling into the sea—precipitated by some previously unknown Ardhamite weapon.
As the siege of Venit ends, the Inevitables strike out and utterly destroy the Ardhamites, leaving only inanimate shells behind as a record of their existence.
-3000 The grand-nephew of the King of Venit moves the human capital to Karna.
The dead of Venit and Contra-Vene re-animate as The Drowned and continue their age-long siege, battling eternally beneath the waves of The Bay of the Damned.


Brand — the Dendrites were also wiped out by the Enclavists — although there is the possibility that there is a remnant that the Tardigrades are keeping in Io.

A History of the Second Age
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