The Scavenger Gods

A History of the Third Age

Regarding the aftermath of the great Salt Storms.

Note: All years have been converted to CR (Chronicler Reckoning) to reflect the major method of recorded history. All dates prior to 0 CR are “pre-historic” and largely based on oral traditions, myth, conjecture, and reconstruction from discovered artifacts.

Year (CR) Events
-2500 The Equilibirum, an order of bamboo-folk dedicated to balance, awaken the Earth Cleaver.
The Human cities, built over ley lines and centers of power, suffer sudden eruptions of uncontrolled weather magic, killing thousands.
A thousand-year rainstorm begins to fall over the Salt Flats, turning them into the Great Salt Lake. The weather patterns over the whole continent are disrupted and all of the waterways on the continent become super-salinated.
Many animals die. The Tardigrades all drown. The humans die off from lack of potable water.
-2000 The salinity of the salt rains corrodes, discharges, and otherwise destroys the Thundercat’s electrical infrastructure.
A small group of human’s who survived the Salt Storms by hiding underground, travel north and found a colony near the Gray Wells becoming the Morlocks.
A new generation of Tardigrades, incubated by other races, hatch. They are dispersed without a homeland or culture of their own.
The Pangolins find a new source of fresh water in the forests of the south-west. They begin to master the arts of cultivation.
The storm finally breaks and the waters subside and eventually dry up, returning the Great Salt Lake to Salt Flats.
-1500 The Lord of Chance carves rivers in the north.
The Morlocks found the city of Tarn and begin constructing a massive aqueduct system to divert water from the Gray Wells to feed their civilization.
A great earthquake, beginning at the sunken cities of Venit and Contravene, tears through the south-west, completely separating the Pangolin’s forests from the mainland.
The Lord of the Waters creates the Salinites (people made entirely from salt) from the hyper-salinated lakes and streams. They congregate in the old Tardigrade cities and soon take over the banks and financial institutions.
The Lord of Pestilence causes Black Hole (an area of complete nothingness) to appear off the northern coast.
Foile, a supernatural being that appears as a reflection of whomever is looking at it, comes out of the Black Hole.
-1000 The Fleet (a mass of city-sized, cloud-like, giant bats) come out of the Black Hole. They hover menacingly over the world.
A group of Inevitables leave The Spire and wage war on the Thundercats, destroying them.
The Equilibrium travel north and begin the “ritual of balance”.
The Inevitables that left the Enclave, are shut out. Cut off from the knowledge of the Spire, they devolve, becoming the Androids. They take residence in Karna and the old Ardhamite cities.
They Kraken Kings of Karna are discovered to still be living as members of The Drowned. Those Drowned that find themselves washed up on shore all eventually make their way to Karna, where they become a perpetual working-class, keeping the city running regardless of the fate of its living residence.
The Man-groves in exile, take root wherever they are, and go dormant en-masse.
The Lord of Chance creates a race of oracular Giant Eagles in the islands to the north.
-500 A jungle grows in the west end of the northern steppes.
The Eagles migrate and found the city of Eirbeck in the jungles.
A series of earthquakes rock the Glass Volcanoes of the south, opening up a massive network of caverns and tunnels.
The Lord of Pestilence purifies the hearts of The Fleet, setting in them the desire to protect and purify the world from the ravages of the Salt Rains. They begin occasionally sinking down towards the ground, consuming the salt from the rivers and lakes. (Purify +2).
0 CR The Equilibrium complete the Ritual of Balance and commit mass suicide near the Gray Wells, giving birth to a giant sentient bamboo forest known as The Chronicler.
The Morlocks develop advanced skill in Hydrology and Hydrologic Engineering. They cut canals through the western Steppes, feeding water from the Gray Wells to their new city of Subos.
A Salinite inventor named Peter discovers black-powder and begins teaching the arts of gunmaking to the Salinites. The Salinites raise Peter up as their king and begin building an army.
500 The Androids find the body of Ardham and reanimate him. Ardham immediately begins raising an Android army and retakes all of the old Ardhamite and Thundercat cities.
The forest of The Chronicler blooms, bears fruit, and gives rise to huge swarms of silk worms in the north.
Sam, great lord of the Giant Eagles founds an order of eagle knights known as The Smiters.
Driven by its ready availability, the bottom falls out of the salt market and it completely loses its value. Morlock traders introduce scarab-beetle carapaces as an alternative currency.
The Salinites continue to build up their army, laying claim to all of the ancient Tardigrade cities.
The Androids in Karna begin experimenting on the rats that had long infested that city, applying cybernetic enhancements similar to those used by the Ardhamites and granting them sentience, giving rise to a new race of Cyber-rats.
The Fleet succeeds in clearing the salt from all of the lakes and rivers of the mainland, returning them to fresh water.
The being known as Foile moves to the legendary fortress of Sumter and changes himself into a reflection of The Spire, inviting the Inevitables into the unassailable city. The Inevitables move their entire civilization to the new Spire at Sumter and begin working on scrying technology to allow them to continue to observe the world, while remaining unobserved themselves.
1000 The Inevitables complete their work at Sumter, developing the technology to cloak the entire fortress in invisibility and make it fly. When they activate it, however, it works too well, phasing the entire city of Sumter (and the Spire, Foile, and the Inevitables with it) completely out of this reality.
The forest of The Chronicler begins to expand its territory, sending forth dryad-like extensions of itself to push the boundaries of its dominion.
Proselytized by The Chronicler, the religion of the Earth Cleaver and the Equilibrium begins to catch on among the other races.
Ardham teaches the Androids the ancient Ardhamite arts of metallurgy and body-augmentation.
The Salinites march on the Arachnid city of Crystal, razing the city and killing all of the best and brightest of the Arachnids.
While the Salinites are distracted, the Androids march into the Salt Flats and take the Salinite city of Io.
A new race of Cat-Folk are discovered in the north-east on an island covered with a forest of giant ferns.
The Lord of Plants brings down a small ice-age, lowering the oceans and extending the land of the continent in every direction. The great war of the Drowned in Venit and Contravene briefly expands onto the mainland. The island of the Pangolins rejoins the mainland. People are briefly able to cross between the northern and southern continents on land in the east.
1500 The Chroniclers learn to manufacture products from their own dead, making paper, books, and bamboo spears. They continue to expand their territory.
The Lord of Plants causes the Fern Forests to spread to the mainland in the northeast. The Cat-Folk cross over the land-bridge and found the city of Silvanesti.
War rages between the Salinites and the Androids around the city of Io. The androids erradicate the Salinites, then migrate en masse to the Salt Flats, where they inevitably corrode and die. Both races are lost.
With the Androids gone, the Cyber-rats take all of the old Ardhamite cities in the South.
The bamboo-folk march south from Ferga, hoping to reclaim their ancient homeland, only to be exterminated by the Cyber-rats of Karna.
Emboldened by their victory over the bamboo-folk, the Cyber-rats raise an army and invade the Pangolin forests. They are beaten back by the Pangolins and slaughtered. The Pangolins quickly expand outward, taking all of the cities of the south-west and making Karna the capital of their new empire.


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