The Scavenger Gods

A History of the First Age

Regarding the great cleaving of continents.

Note: All years have been converted to CR (Chronicler Reckoning) to reflect the major method of recorded history. All dates prior to 0 CR are “pre-historic” and largely based on oral traditions, myth, conjecture, and reconstruction from discovered artifacts.

Year (CR) Events
-∞ The Mighty Wind, the Spawner of Worlds, passed between two great stars, birthed the world, and passed on.
The Five Elder Gods found the world—a mass of land, void and without form.
-62000 The Lord of Lies, laid down the Steppes of the north.
The Lord of Plants bathed the center of the land in tropical heat.
The Lord of the Waters brought forth great monsoon rains upon the Beaked Peninsula.
The Lord of Pestilence conjured a Primordial Soup in the midst of the monsoons.
-57000 The Lord of Plants cleaved a great trench in the depths, just north of the Beaked Peninsula.
-52000 The Earth Cleaver split the land in twain, dividing north from south.
The Lord of the Waters brought forth the Ancients from the primordial soup of the Beaked Peninsula. The Cult of the Spawning Fish was born among the Ancients.
The Lord of Pestilence gave birth to the Leviathan. Many of the ancients turned to the worship of the Leviathan, forming the Cult of the Devouring Fish. A memetic disease spread throughout the Ancients, driving them to acts of violence.
-47000 The Lord of Lies gave birth to the Catobleponas in the northern steppes.
The Earth Cleaver split the lands of the north in twain, diving east from west and drowning the great city of the Catobleponas.
The Lord of Lies created the Water Wall, at the site of the drowning of the great city, allowing the Catobleponas to continue their migrations across the Northern Strait.
The Lord of the Waters taught the Ancients the art of making mobiles — creating great rotating cities, maps of the planets, and many strange weapons.
The Lord of Pestilence spread corruption throughout the Ancients, creating a deep-seated greed in the males of the species, driving them to refuse to mate with the females. (Corrupt -1)
-42000 The Lord of Plants raised up the Great Mountain from which poured all the waters of the earth.
The Lord of Plants birthed the Man-groves, a race of sentient plant creatures.
The Lord of Pestilence raised up the Pillars of Fire and Smoke by the Water Wall, and surrounded the region with a dense fog.
The Lord of Lies joined the lands of the North-east and North-west with a land bridge of islands and ice.
-37000 A race of fully-humanoid cephalodods evolved from the Ancients.
The Lord of Plants and the Earth Cleaver brought forth a great range of mountains in the tropical climes.
The Lord of Pestilence created the Gray Wells in the northern steppes.
The Lord of Lies made the Catobleponas to ossify on death, creating the great Catoblepas Graveyards are the Gray Wells.
-32000 A great Salt Meteor fell in the south-east, creating vast salt-flats and raising the Pillar of Salt.
The Lord of Pestilence laid a permanent mirage over the northern edge of the Salt Flats, causing the deadly and barren landscape to appear as a lush, tropical jungle.
The Lord of Lies created the Windsongs of the Northern Steppes, perpetual music of unmatched beauty caused by the wind blowing through the bones of the great Catoblepas Graveyards.
-27000 The Lord of Lies sent his avatar, Tsuur, who founded the order of the Windsingers of the Catobleponas.
The Lord of Plants created to the Tardigrades. The Tardigrades found their capital city at the great Salt Spire.
The Lord of Pestilence taught the Tardigrades the art of trade, and established Salt as the primary currency of the world.
The Lord of the Waters breathed life into the Beaked Peninsula, giving birth to the great turtles that make up the hills and islands of that land.
-22000 Tsuur raised great armies among the Catobleponas. Wars raged and many of that ancient race were killed.
The Lord of Lies taught the arts of healing and medicine to the Man-groves, granting them the ability to synthesize pharmaceuticals in their own bodies.
The Lord of Plants taught the Man-groves mastery of poisons and founds the Cult of the Waxen Berry.
The Ancients were killed when great A’Tuin the turtle awoke and devoured them all.
The Lord of Pestilence led a group of Tardigrades into the Great Mirage and changed them into the war-like race of Arachnids (crab-like alkiliphiles). The Arachnid city of Pikling is founded in the heart of the Great Mirage.
The Earth Cleaver raised up a great range of volcanic mountains in the south, dividing the southern continent. The ash blotted out the sky and the sandstone glass of the mountains chilled the surrounding land, blanketing the area in perpetual ice.
-21001 The Mighty Wind briefly descended on the world again, raising great storms across all the land—salt-storms in the Salt Flats, tornadoes in the Steppes, and hurricanes in the tropics and the Beaked Peninsula—ending the age.


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