The Scavenger Gods

Compiled House Rules

Rule 1: Disregard all rules for hardness/hitpoints of objects. They are way too abstract. Shit will break whenever the DM says so (which is probably often).


  1. Attacks of Opportunity do not exist.
  2. Combat Maneuvers do base weapon damage (no bonuses) in addition to the listed effect.
  3. Anyone can “take it on the shield” to negate any one damaging effect (gives the shield the broken condition, cannot be done with a broken shield).
  4. Magical “pluses” do not exist in any form.
    • If your class has abilities that give magical pluses to weapons or armor (Paladin, Magus, etc.), you may (nae, MUST) spend all of those on special abilities.
  5. Any fellow party member can take a standard round action to give a character a free re-save against any mind-affecting effect (“Snap out of it Earl!”). Works once per effect.
  6. The Dodge feat is “take it on the shield” without the shield (negate one attack per round, no lame AC bonus).
  7. Grappling rules do not exist. Any time you attack to deal non-lethal damage, feel free to describe all the grabbing and rolling on the ground you want.
  8. If you insult your enemies and make an ass of yourself, they WILL attack you. “Drawing agro” is a role-playing action, you don’t need to make any kind of check for that.
  9. Initiative is a “Stat” not a roll. Everyone has a flat initiative of 10 + modifiers.
  10. Any time a character is are hit by a creature at least 2 sizes larger than him, he goes flying 10 feet directly away from the creature that struck him and falls prone. If an object impedes this movement, the character takes an additional 1d6 damage and stops. If the object is relatively fragile (glass, a wooden door, etc.) the character takes damage, but continues his movement, destroying the object.


  1. Ammunition (any variety) must always be purchased in lots of 20. (I’ll make a cost sheet if i get some free time).
  2. Do not track ammo. Instead, if you roll a natural “1” on an attack roll, you have exhausted one lot….Done.


  1. Spells from the school of Divination are only available to Giant Eagles. All other character may not cast ANY Divination spells, regardless of class.1
  2. Spells from the school of Conjuration do not exist, with the exception of Conjuration [healing] spells. All other Conjuration spells are not available regardless of class.1
  3. The Raise Dead and Resurrect spells are only available to priests of Dormin (which are bloody rare). No other characters can use these spells. The “True Resurrect” spell is only available by going directly to Dormin and begging for a favor.
  4. Explosive effects will expand to fill space until their allotted volume has been reached (i.e. indoors a fireball will fill 33 10-ft. cubes). Detailed description of such physics can be found here.

1 This only applies to spells. Spell-like abilities and class abilities that duplicate spells from these schools work normally.


  1. If you chuck a PC at negative hit points into a body of water and let them bleed out there, they will come back as one of The Drowned. Otherwise, if you die you are dead and have to hope someone is willing to sell their soul to Dormin to get you back.


  1. Skill check DCs default to 15 + your character level (for a “easy” check). It is thus better to be good at a few skills than “okay” at all of them.
  2. You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to find ways to not have to make the check. Bonuses to skill checks will be given out liberally for creative planning, good role-playing, and successfully applied magic (why Climb when you can Fly?).
  3. Skills like Diplomacy and Intimidate exist as a fall-back. If you make a believable argument, the check should not be necessary.
A History of the Fifth Age

Note: All years have been converted to CR (Chronicler Reckoning) to reflect the major method of recorded history. All dates prior to 0 CR are “pre-historic” and largely based on oral traditions, myth, conjecture, and reconstruction from discovered artifacts.

Year (CR) Events
2142 The Cat-folk emperor Prospero is born.
2160s Prospero comes to power and begins building a great Cat-folk army in the north—forming three legions: The Dragon Hunters, the Rat Hunters, and the Man Hunters.
2170s The Tardigrades begin studying the arts of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, and begin building complex underground bunkers.
Prospero’s Cat-folk armies invade and occupy the Myconid kindgom. They establish a formal system of markets throughout their controlled territory.
The xenophobic Pangolins sever their treaties with the Dragons and the Drowned.
The Penguin Mafia forms and takes control of the penguin capital city of Kashmir. (corrupt -1)
The Lord of Dragons carves a deep lake and river in the north-west, near the lands of the Penguins.
The Monarus begin mining for metals and salt in the lands just north of the Salt Flats.
The dragon king, Kur is reborn.
2180s The Drowned develop the arts of Blood Magic. An accident in their early research causes all of the rivers, lakes, and seas of the world to become extremely iron-rich, taking on the color and consistency of blood.
The Tardigrades begin selling the water-purification systems that they had developed from living near to the Great Salt Lake to the other nations.
The Monarus and the Tardigrades form a trade alliance. The Monarus expand their rail-lines to allow the Tardigrade water filtration technology to get to a wider market faster.
The Tardigrade King, Extremius is born.
The Cat-folk armies conquer the Morlocks city of Tarn, but are stopped outside the capital of Subos.
The Myconids develop advanced skill at working with magnetism, and create a magnet-based system for de-ironizing water as a competitor to the Tardigrade product.
2190s The Chronicler is driven insane by absorbing too much metal-tainted water.
The Penguins willingly join the Catamarok Empire, inviting the Cat-folk into their cities.
Prospero officially convenes the Catamarok Imperial Senate as the governing/legislating body of the empire.
The Catamarok empire strikes south, conquering the cities of Aamuh, Arga, and their ancient homeland of Keshyyk and the Misty Valleys.
The Cat-folk begin developing a strong racial and national identity after the reconquest of Keshyyk (Cat-Zion).
Prospero encourages other races conquered by the Catamarok empire to culturally assimilate, creating the first truly cosmopolitan society.
The Penguins begin developing firearms, including a unique chamber-loading mechanism.
The Penguin Mafia expands its reach to all cities in the Catamarok Empire.
2200s The armies of the Drowned, aided by the Dragons, turn on the Pangolins, driving them out of the ancient city of Karna.
The Undead-Dragon alliance invites Prospero into Karna and agree to join the empire, giving the Cat-folk access to the Drowned navy and the experience of the undead bureaucrats.
Yaxa, Dictator of the Monarus, pens the “Art of War”, the seminal book of military strategy.
The Cat-folk incorporate the sunken cities of Venit and Contravene into their empire with the aid of the Drowned and the Aamuh.
The Monarus begin massing an army along the edge of the Ice Spires in anticipation of a Cat-folk invasion from the west.
Prospero discovers the ruins of Karga, explores the Spire, and discovers “messages from the inevitables” (Corrupt Prospero -2).
The Kraken King begins secretly massing an army of the Drowned in Contravene.
2210s The Aamuh build the refuge city of Sharur in the deepest part of The Trench. They uses the volcanic vents at the bottom of the Trench to power the city with geothermal energy.
The Pangolins, deposed from their rulership of Karna and the surrounding lands, begin an insurgent war against the Catamarok Empire. They quickly become adept at the creation of improvised explosive devices.
A massive Solar Flare wipes out all of the Monarus electrical infrastructure.
Deprived of their mundane electrical systems, the Monarus develop electrical magic to keep their society running.
One of The Fleet falls from the sky, crashing into the Ice Spires and carving a vast chasm, known as the Forbidden Valley, directly between the massing Monarus and Cat-folk armies.
From the corpse of the fallen Fleet rise numerous massive beings of stone and shadow, The Colossi.
Yaxa breeds a new race of tiny, moth-like Monarus, specialized in intrigue and spycraft.
Not to be outdone by his neighbor, the Tardigrade King Extremius engineers the Vectors (a race of bloated mosquito-like creatures) from Poxlom DNA extracted from remains found in the swamps outside of Karna.
2220s Dormin, “God-King of the Colossi” builds the Shrine of Worship in the Forbidden Valley and founds the Adamantine Order, dedicated to encouraging other races to worship the Colossi.
After limited observation, it becomes clear to most other races that, with the exception of the Adamant Order, the Colossi are so immense as to be completely apathetic to the existence of the smaller races and their works—wandering where they will, and stepping on whatever is in their path.
The Aamuh from Sharur dominate the Kraken King in Contravene and take control of the Drowned armies for their own purposes.
The Titans begin reproducing at an alarming rate.
2230s The Great Mountain ceases its flow of lava and begin belching forth Octarine, the very essence of magic. The air around the mountain becomes thick, with almost-tangible magical energy.
The Cat-folk develop a virulent disease that leaves all infected with it sterile.
Sam III, Lord of the Giant Eagles, begins training his people in anti-feline combat tactics.
Prospero’s armies march into the Forbidden Valley and kill many of the Colossi, scattering the rest and trapping Dormin within his Shrine of Worship.
Prospero and the Cat-folk armies then march into Salt Flats, conquering both the Tardigrades and Monarus.
The Kraken King’s armies make landfall, conquering the cities of Aamuh, Keshyyk, and Karna. They leave the citizens untouched, but force all Cat-folk out of positions of power—leading to the infamous Defenestration of Karna.
The Leviathan returns from whatever depths he had been lurking in, now in the form of a gigantic, aquatic version of one of The Fleet (like an island-sized manta ray).
2240s The Maples help the Morlocks liberate Tarn from the Cat-folk and introduce their concept of “Worker’s Rights” to the Morlocks. The Morlocks quickly adapt Maple ideology into a political system, forming a Socialist Union from the cities of Tarn, Subos, and the Maple city of Acer.
A group of Aethersmyths begin harness Octarine from the Great Mountain as a new source of fuel.
A great earthquake cleaves the land just east of the Ice Spires, starting just south of the Forbidden Valley, and almost dividing the southern continent in twain. The blood-red waters of the sea quickly rush in to fill the void, creating the Titan’s Gulf.
The disease afflicting the cat-folk spreads to the point where every last member of that species is rendered sterile. The very last Cat-folk generation is born.
The aging Cat-folk generals, lead by Prospero begin a Penguin-based bombardment of The Trench, destroying the city of Sharur.
The Giant Eagles invade and raze the cities of Kashmir and Silk on the northern coast.
The Aamuh who escaped Sharur form the Manchurian Party and begin working their way into positions of power and influence throughout the remains of the Catamarok Empire.
2250s A failed experiment by Tardigrade Aethersmyths results in a giant explosion of Octarine, animating and granting sentience to their clockwork creations—creating the Spriggans.
A group of the first Spriggans, known as The Builders go into hiding and dedicate themselves to creating more of their kind.
The Giant Eagles invade the Union capital of Tarn, but are beaten back by the combined forces of the Maples and Morlocks.
The Supreme Leader of the Pangolins, Ayattolah Manis, begins encouraging his followers to launch a series of terrorist attacks throughout the south.
The armies of the Drowned march against the north.
Forseeing the coming of the undead, the Giant Eagles make peace with the Morlock-Maple Union and the two nations combine their forces.
The Drowned march on Tarn, Subos, Acer, and Eirbeck, crushing the Union’s armies and forcing the Maples, Morlocks, and Eagles to assimilate back into the empire.
The Catfolk, believing the Drowned to be fully committed in the north, send the bulk of their armies to Karna to restablish their order, but are completely wiped out by the remaining armies of the Drowned defending the city.
Rosencrantz, Don of the Penguins, begins building a secret army on the floating city of Innsmouth (built on the back of one of The Fleet).
2260s A rain of meteorites fall onto the Salt Flats. The ensuing fires that engulfed the area are a strange, otherworldy shade of orange. Within the affected area vegetation grows large, but tasteless, animals are driven mad and deformed into grotesque shapes, and the people go insane or die one by one.
In response to Don Rosencrantz continued massing of armies, a group known as the Purists arise among the Penguins, determined to return Penguin society to its roots and break the hold of the Mafia.
The Penguin purists found the city of Portsmouth on another of The Fleet, using it as a hub for airship transit throughout the empire.
Pangolin insurgents take control of the city of Keshyyk.
The Myconid queen, Zuggtmoy overthrows the Cat-folk control in the city of Mxyzptlk, and begins encouraging her people to study the arts of Necromancy.
A Penguin smuggler sails out into the northern sea, with a bag of holding full of contraband and accidentally sails into the Black Hole, causing the hole to collapse and unleashing Wild Magic into the world.
2270s The Aamuh have a religious restoration, resulting the the formation of the new Church of the Enigmatic Piscine.
An army of Myconid Necromancers marches into Tarn and usurps control of the undead army massed there.
An aging Prospero travels to the Shrine of Worship and learns Shadow Magic from Dolmin. The two then work collaboratively to develop “Light Magic”. Prospero becomes even more corrupt from his contact with the Colossi (corrupt Prospero -1).
The Giant Eagles re-take the city of Eirbeck from the Drowned and the Empire.
Don Rosencrantz’s Penguin army airdrops into Eirbeck on the heals of the Eagles, only to find that the Eagles, forseeing their potential destruction, immediately capitulate and swear allegiance to the Penguin Don.
Don Rosencrantz is influenced by the Purists to declare a new Penguin Nation (with the Eagles included of course), built upon The Fleet. There is a resurgence of Penguin culture apart from the Empire and the Mafia (purify penguins +1).
The Monarus begin trying to harness the powers unleashed by the Rain of Fire and the Black Hole, mastering the arts of Wild Magic.
Prospero and the old Cat-folk generals and senators make an alliance with the Aamuh, arranging for a peaceful transition of power in the remaining Empire in exchange for Aamuh teaching the dying Cat-folk the secrets of eternal life…
The Vectors launch an assault on the Pangolins in Keshyyk, but are swatted.
The Cat-folk and Drowned armies continue to fight over Karna for many years, with neither side gaining the upper hand. The city is effectively divided in half, cats in the north, undead in the south, with ongoing sectarian violence, and the other inhabitants of the city caught in the middle.
2280 The Empire discovers that the Aamuh were not as geographically isolated as they thought. Some 30, or more, Aamuh cities, known as “The Constellation”, are discovered dotting the deepest recesses sea-floor. These are mammoth sand-drip castles built around geothermal vents as trading posts, including an “Icedrip” castle underneath of and supporting the northern ice cap.
Along with the Aamuh cities, a “new” race of Blood Whales are discovered. These “Sargosso Symbionts” are sophisticated political actors within this previously unknown sub-aquatic culture, providing trade, transportation, and communication services for the underwater cities. While only half-sentient individually, they are capable of complex, collective, parallel-processing through a form of near-instantaneous communication facilitated by the massive drifts of krill and phytoplankton (which are a natural side effect of the excessive mineral content of the water).
Encouraged by this discovery, large numbers of Morlocks, as well as some Aquatic Myconids (known Nais) and Spriggans begin abandoning the land (and the Empire) in favor of life in the Constellation polities.
’The Equilibrium starts the Ritual of Purity again, once again causing the Ley Lines to thrum with power—causing many weak, localized earthquakes near centers of Ley Line activity. Areas where Ley Lines intersect start to bleed excess Aether, creating power Nexes.
2281 The Great Mountain begins spewing fresh water, slowly purifying the inland lakes and rivers of the iron contamination.
A new offshoot of the Equilibrium appears, composed of members of all magic-using races. Known as the Coalition of Renewal, the group dedicates itself to the purification of all of the world’s waterways—putting them into direct conflict with the Constellation (since the Blood Whales sentience and lifecycle are dependent on the water of the oceans being hyper-mineralized.
The death of Ayatollah Manis causes the Pangolin insurgency against the empire to fragment. Two major splinter groups: the United Self-Defense Forces of Pangola and the Congregation of Pangolins of Tradition for Proselytism and Struggle rise to the fore as major threats to the Empire.
A new, militant, religious order, the Ecumenical Union appears. The first group to actively embrace the worship of the Scavenger Gods, they are a group of militant synchrotists, militantly asserting the absence of theological truth and claiming all deliberate theological description as heresy. They preach strict moral relativism and enforced tolerance, actively infiltrating other orders and religions and “scavenging what they find from among sentient thought.”
2282 The Vectors, fueled by the power leaking from the Ley Lines, start reproducing at an alarming rate, scaling out of its own sentience and overrunning the world.
The Coalition of Renewal develops both magical and mundane underwater survival capabilities and infiltrates the Constellation. They begin funneling Ley Line magic into geothermal vents, superchaging the Aamuh reactors and causing them to start removing metal ions from the water.
An interest in Archaeology begins spreading throughout the Empire. The Maples establish the Imperial Archaelogical Society, founding the scholar’s city of Wht’fw’tk’t within the Chronicler’s Forest.
The Man-groves are woken up by the shaking of the Great Mountain. Some appear in the waters as “Kelp-folk”.
A rift happens within the Aethersmiths, one sect (The Hidden Flame) become esotericists. The appearance of the Hidden Flame forces even more Spriggans to abandon land in favor of the Constellation.
The Catobleponas, threatened by the Vectors, are forced out of hiding. Their Windsingers turn the Aura-Borealis into a globe-spanning bug-zapper, causing cascades of multi-colored, burning vector corpses to fall from the sky.
The Pangolin insurgency fragments further, spawning the Pangolin Liberation Front and the Military Council of Pangolin Salvation.
The Constellation, secretly aided by the Coalition of Renewal and their supercharged geothermal reactors, develop a network of teleportation nodes connected to the ley-lines. While this instantaneous transport is very useful, it can only be done from a node of the Constellation, and each node temporarily destablilizes after use (proportional to the square of the mass taken through).
The Constellation uses their newly developed teleportation network to found a city in the Brass Mere.
Driven by the explorations of the Ecumenical Order numerous other religions begin to gain greater mainstream visibility and acceptance. Two of note are the Church of the Seven (who believe in a single, supreme deity who takes seven different aspects), and the Druids (who disavow the existence of any “god”, instead believing that the world itself is a sentient entity and that sentient life (especially such strange sentiences as plants, living water, and sentient gut-flora that have appeared in the world) is a natural side effect of the world’s sentience).
2283 The Aamuh deliver on their promise to Emperor Prospero, providing the Cat-folk with a way to perpetually extend their lifespans…which is dependent on consuming the fertilized eggs of Penguins. This deliberate predation on Penguin young substantially increases tension between the Empire and the Penguin criminal gangs.
The Catamarok Imperial Senate extends a contract to the Monarus for a Trans-continental railroad, extending across the southern continent and linking all the major cities of the Empire. Construction on this massive public-works project begins immediately.
The World Mind, first theorized by the Druids, fully awakens. Numerous individuals throughout the world begin having flashes of insight into the “true” creation of the world and the interloper status of the Scavenger Gods.
The “planes” theory of cosmology is fundamentally disproved. The insights of many philosophers in touch with the World Mind reveals that the “planes” are the result of people coming into communication with the World Mind. The World Mind, they claim, can only communicate in the way that it knows how, which is to say that is can only communicate “by being a world” in the same way that a fish can only communicate by being a fish. Anyone coming into contact with the World Mind vanishes (for a variable length of time) and finds themself in an “alternate world” through which the World Mind attempts to convey its meaning.
The Aurora-Borealis bug-zapper kills off the last of the Vectors with pretty-rainbow comet-falls.
The penguin mafia begins extending it’s reach into the Constellation.
The Hydragons teraforming begins to take a more artistic bent, creating massive mound-like sculptures.
2284 The Constellation (with the secret help of the Coalition of Renewal) create the Kaiju and unleash them against the land in a misguided attempt to oppose the Coalition of Renewal’s efforts to clean up the oceans.
Dragon genetic engineers allied with the Coalition create Tiagfk, a “Super-Kaiju”. They also create The Meek (a symbiotic eel-like lifeform that inhabits the children of other races and to which Kaiju are inevitably attracted) as a means to control the Kaiju, or at least direct their attacks.
The Monarus’s transcontinental, high-speed, electric rail system is completed in record time (just under two years).
2285 An offshoot of the Chroniclers begins actively infiltrating other groups and collecting their secret knowledge to be added to the Chronicler’s library. What they intend to do with the amassed information remains to be seen.
The first Kaiju makes landfall near the city of Silk on the northern coast, only to find that the Bay of Silk is home to one of the Colossi. The two immense beings come to blows, resulting in the complete destruction of the city, and numerous refugees fleeing south bearing news of the Kaiju.
The Kaiju that attacked Silk is slain by the Colossus. A group of enterprising Penguins, known as the Chow Hounds begin searching out Kaiju remains and harvesting them for research and raw materials.
The Hydragon teraformers build a giant bridge across the strait in the northwest.
A group known as The Conflict Management and Mitigation Regional Council (a.k.a. CALM) forms in the city Karna with the goal of stopping (or at least minimizing the impact of) the ongoing violence by any means necessary.
The awakening of the World Mind gives rise to a new race of ideas given form, known as Phantasms. These living illusions each take the form of unique concept, shaping themselves into the idealized physical embodiment of that idea. While few in number, it is discovered that they can reproduce by convincing other sentient creatures to have new, unique insights in their presence.
New Years Day, 2286 The World Mind lashes out against the Scavenger Gods, shutting off their ability to directly influence the world or directly communicate with the avatars or followers.
A History of the Fourth Age
Regarding the appearance, and disappearance, of dragons.

Note: All years have been converted to CR (Chronicler Reckoning) to reflect the major method of recorded history. All dates prior to 0 CR are “pre-historic” and largely based on oral traditions, myth, conjecture, and reconstruction from discovered artifacts.

Year (CR) Events
1550 A plague of giant, froglike creatures issues forth from the black hole and overrun the world.
1600 The Chroniclers begin to raise an army within their forests and create a servitor race of small, vicious plant creatures known as Twigjacks.
The Twigjacks are all devoured by the Slaadi almost as soon as they are made.
The Ice-age ends and the waters rise again. The cities of Venit and Contravene are again submerged, and the pangolin homeland is once again cutoff from the mainland.
The Pangolins invent Morris Dancing to celebrate the end of the long cold.
The Giant Worms of the Steppes die off from the change in climate, leaving behind a huge network of empty caverns and tunnels beneath the steppes.
The Lord of Wyrms visits the world and raises a great mountain range dividing the worm lands from the larger steppes to the south and east.
The Lord of Wyrms then shaped the first dragons from the remains of the worms. Creating several varieties ranging from as small as a house cat to larger than a whale. He teaches his new creation the arts of genetic engineering so that they might further differentiate themselves to fit their environment.
1700 Swarms of metal-eating Rust Flies and Rust Fleas appear in the south near Karna, devouring much of the remains of Ardhamite culture and putting a temporary stop to mining operations in Karna.
Myconids (mushroom people) appear in the caverns beneath the old Worm Lands, living alongside the dragons.
The Pangolins develop a taste for rust fleas and rust flies, and, after a few years of plentiful eating, end the plague.
1800 The Pangolins in Karna make a formal treaty with the Kraken King and the Drowned. The two races begin raising a shared army in Karna.
The Drowned in Karna, Venit, and Contravene begin restoring ancient Human and Ardhamite artifacts, developing advanced ship-building and metallurgy techniques.
The waters of the Great Mountain, long stopped, seek a new outlet. Waters spring forth in the Salt Flats, beginning to fill the Great Salt Lake again. The worm tunnels of the north also begin to flood.
Forests begin to grow up around the edge of the Misty Valleys.
The dragons begins developing the arts of Teraforming, shaping the land to their needs. They engineer two new races—aquatic dragons, and the three-headed Hydragons, able to shape the land with their very breath.
The Earth Cleaver infects the Slaadi with a cancer which causes them all to dissolve into thick, black ooze. The ooze is then animated, creating a variety of gelatinous creatures. Out of these are raised up a sentient race of oozes able to assume humanoid form, the Ghaunadans.
1900 The king of the dragons engineers the Scandar, a race of six-armed, ape-like creatures as servitors of the dragons.
The Scandar hunt down and destroy the last of the Arachnids.
Certain of the Hydragons begin experimenting with regenerative powers—cutting off their own heads to grow new ones. The severed heads of Hydragons become a popular delicacy among the other races.
The dragons develop a symbiotic relationship with many swarming vermin and engineer new swarm-based breath-weapons for themselves. Insect populations in the world begin to grow rapidly.
An order of dragons known as The Shapers, who believe themselves to be gods, forms and begins demanding worship from the “lesser” races. (Corrupt -1)
A fleet of the Drowned and Pangolins lands in the north and founds the city of Panam, controlling the southern pass through the mountains dividing the Steppes from the lands of the the dragons.
1950 The worm tunnels dry out and the myconids found the subteranean city of Zyxyn.
The Pangolins and the Drowned sign a treaty with the Dragon nation, and begin learning to use Dragons as mounts. An army of Dragoons (dragon-riding, pangolin knights armed with steel weapons from the Drowned) are formed from the alliance of the three races.
With the outlet in the worm-tunnels closed, the waters of the Salt Lake begin to rise again, driving the remaining Tardigrades to the cities of Kosh and Io.
The diverted waters of the Great Mountain burst from the ground in the northeast, forming the Dragonsflow River.
The dragons engineer the pinnacle of their race, colossal beasts able to spit forth megafauna (mastodons, cave bears, ballucitherium, and others) and create entire forests with their breath. Populations of game animals soar.
2000 The Lord of Pestilence grants sentience to those bacteria that dwell within the intestines of all creatures. These hive-minded gut flora quickly develop an over-strong sense of traditional morality, inflicting vomiting and intense abdominal pain on any host that they deem to be engaging in “deviant” behavior. (Purify +4)
The dragons, finally content with the level of biodiversity in the world, begin developing the arts of Necromancy and “conveniently” dispose of the Mega-fauna and Mega-flora spewing uber-Dragons and also kill off the Lernaean Hydragons.
Factions and rifts begin forming within Dragon society, leading to the creation of the Chromatic Dragons, Metallic Dragons, and Lyndwyrms.
2050 The giant mushroom forests from the Isle of Shrooms spread to the mainland and quickly expand across the north.
The myconids discover the newly grown Mushroom Forests and found the cities of Mxyzptlk, Qwsp, and Gsptlsnz. The architecture of these cities achieves previously unknown heights, with towering, gothic-style skyscrapers protruding above of the canopy of the mushroom forests.
The Lord of Pestilence creates the being known as “Aqua Pura”, water given life and sentience, who immediately animates much of the world’s water into a great cloud known as The Mist. The Mist sweeps across the world, killing more than half of the worlds population and completely killing off the Chroniclers, the Cat-folk, the Myconids, the Ghaunadans, the Scandar, and all of the Dragons save the Hydragons.
The Mist continues south across the world, but is destroyed when it encounters the Salt Flats.
In the wake of The Mist, two new sentient races appear in the north: The Penguins and the Monarus. They inhabit many of the cities abandoned by the Dragons and the penguins, quickly differentiate into a number of sub-races (Emporer, Macaroni, and Rockhopper).
2100 The Water Wall finally collapses, severing the land-bridge between the north-eastern and north-western continents.
The original Chronicler hive-mind re-awakens and creates the Treants to continue the work of the Chronicling. The Treants build a great library near the northern forest.
The Lord of Plants intervenes and resurrects the Myconids.
A handfull of Cat-folk who survived The Mist by hiding on the Isle of Ferns reappear.
The Pangolin Dragoons hatch a new generation of Dragons, from eggs that they had been keeping as part of their treaty.
The Penguins develop steampower and immediately begin building airships.
The Monarus develop electricity and form an alliance with the Penguins to begin developing a rail-system in the east.
An offshoot of the Treants, known as Maples have an uprising in the forests. They form the organization known as The Union and begin drafting laws governing the rights of sentient beings.
2150 The Monarus build new cities on the northern edge of the Salt Flats and begin the mining and exporting of salt once again.
The Tardigrades, spurred by contact with the Monarus, begin exploring the technologies left behind by their forebears, developing skill in clockwork computing, encryption, and finance. The salt banks re-open.
Driven by the appearance of the renewed activity in the salt flats, a strong xenophobic/nationalistic sentiment rises among the Pangolins. They close the borders to the south-eastern lands which they control. (Corrupt -1)
The restored Myconids begin pursuing their love of architecture once more.
The young dragons, kept in service to the Pangolins, once again begin experimenting with genetic modification.
The Earth Cleaver creates the chaotic, shapeshifting, magic-using race known as the Draconis.
A History of the Third Age
Regarding the aftermath of the great Salt Storms.

Note: All years have been converted to CR (Chronicler Reckoning) to reflect the major method of recorded history. All dates prior to 0 CR are “pre-historic” and largely based on oral traditions, myth, conjecture, and reconstruction from discovered artifacts.

Year (CR) Events
-2500 The Equilibirum, an order of bamboo-folk dedicated to balance, awaken the Earth Cleaver.
The Human cities, built over ley lines and centers of power, suffer sudden eruptions of uncontrolled weather magic, killing thousands.
A thousand-year rainstorm begins to fall over the Salt Flats, turning them into the Great Salt Lake. The weather patterns over the whole continent are disrupted and all of the waterways on the continent become super-salinated.
Many animals die. The Tardigrades all drown. The humans die off from lack of potable water.
-2000 The salinity of the salt rains corrodes, discharges, and otherwise destroys the Thundercat’s electrical infrastructure.
A small group of human’s who survived the Salt Storms by hiding underground, travel north and found a colony near the Gray Wells becoming the Morlocks.
A new generation of Tardigrades, incubated by other races, hatch. They are dispersed without a homeland or culture of their own.
The Pangolins find a new source of fresh water in the forests of the south-west. They begin to master the arts of cultivation.
The storm finally breaks and the waters subside and eventually dry up, returning the Great Salt Lake to Salt Flats.
-1500 The Lord of Chance carves rivers in the north.
The Morlocks found the city of Tarn and begin constructing a massive aqueduct system to divert water from the Gray Wells to feed their civilization.
A great earthquake, beginning at the sunken cities of Venit and Contravene, tears through the south-west, completely separating the Pangolin’s forests from the mainland.
The Lord of the Waters creates the Salinites (people made entirely from salt) from the hyper-salinated lakes and streams. They congregate in the old Tardigrade cities and soon take over the banks and financial institutions.
The Lord of Pestilence causes Black Hole (an area of complete nothingness) to appear off the northern coast.
Foile, a supernatural being that appears as a reflection of whomever is looking at it, comes out of the Black Hole.
-1000 The Fleet (a mass of city-sized, cloud-like, giant bats) come out of the Black Hole. They hover menacingly over the world.
A group of Inevitables leave The Spire and wage war on the Thundercats, destroying them.
The Equilibrium travel north and begin the “ritual of balance”.
The Inevitables that left the Enclave, are shut out. Cut off from the knowledge of the Spire, they devolve, becoming the Androids. They take residence in Karna and the old Ardhamite cities.
They Kraken Kings of Karna are discovered to still be living as members of The Drowned. Those Drowned that find themselves washed up on shore all eventually make their way to Karna, where they become a perpetual working-class, keeping the city running regardless of the fate of its living residence.
The Man-groves in exile, take root wherever they are, and go dormant en-masse.
The Lord of Chance creates a race of oracular Giant Eagles in the islands to the north.
-500 A jungle grows in the west end of the northern steppes.
The Eagles migrate and found the city of Eirbeck in the jungles.
A series of earthquakes rock the Glass Volcanoes of the south, opening up a massive network of caverns and tunnels.
The Lord of Pestilence purifies the hearts of The Fleet, setting in them the desire to protect and purify the world from the ravages of the Salt Rains. They begin occasionally sinking down towards the ground, consuming the salt from the rivers and lakes. (Purify +2).
0 CR The Equilibrium complete the Ritual of Balance and commit mass suicide near the Gray Wells, giving birth to a giant sentient bamboo forest known as The Chronicler.
The Morlocks develop advanced skill in Hydrology and Hydrologic Engineering. They cut canals through the western Steppes, feeding water from the Gray Wells to their new city of Subos.
A Salinite inventor named Peter discovers black-powder and begins teaching the arts of gunmaking to the Salinites. The Salinites raise Peter up as their king and begin building an army.
500 The Androids find the body of Ardham and reanimate him. Ardham immediately begins raising an Android army and retakes all of the old Ardhamite and Thundercat cities.
The forest of The Chronicler blooms, bears fruit, and gives rise to huge swarms of silk worms in the north.
Sam, great lord of the Giant Eagles founds an order of eagle knights known as The Smiters.
Driven by its ready availability, the bottom falls out of the salt market and it completely loses its value. Morlock traders introduce scarab-beetle carapaces as an alternative currency.
The Salinites continue to build up their army, laying claim to all of the ancient Tardigrade cities.
The Androids in Karna begin experimenting on the rats that had long infested that city, applying cybernetic enhancements similar to those used by the Ardhamites and granting them sentience, giving rise to a new race of Cyber-rats.
The Fleet succeeds in clearing the salt from all of the lakes and rivers of the mainland, returning them to fresh water.
The being known as Foile moves to the legendary fortress of Sumter and changes himself into a reflection of The Spire, inviting the Inevitables into the unassailable city. The Inevitables move their entire civilization to the new Spire at Sumter and begin working on scrying technology to allow them to continue to observe the world, while remaining unobserved themselves.
1000 The Inevitables complete their work at Sumter, developing the technology to cloak the entire fortress in invisibility and make it fly. When they activate it, however, it works too well, phasing the entire city of Sumter (and the Spire, Foile, and the Inevitables with it) completely out of this reality.
The forest of The Chronicler begins to expand its territory, sending forth dryad-like extensions of itself to push the boundaries of its dominion.
Proselytized by The Chronicler, the religion of the Earth Cleaver and the Equilibrium begins to catch on among the other races.
Ardham teaches the Androids the ancient Ardhamite arts of metallurgy and body-augmentation.
The Salinites march on the Arachnid city of Crystal, razing the city and killing all of the best and brightest of the Arachnids.
While the Salinites are distracted, the Androids march into the Salt Flats and take the Salinite city of Io.
A new race of Cat-Folk are discovered in the north-east on an island covered with a forest of giant ferns.
The Lord of Plants brings down a small ice-age, lowering the oceans and extending the land of the continent in every direction. The great war of the Drowned in Venit and Contravene briefly expands onto the mainland. The island of the Pangolins rejoins the mainland. People are briefly able to cross between the northern and southern continents on land in the east.
1500 The Chroniclers learn to manufacture products from their own dead, making paper, books, and bamboo spears. They continue to expand their territory.
The Lord of Plants causes the Fern Forests to spread to the mainland in the northeast. The Cat-Folk cross over the land-bridge and found the city of Silvanesti.
War rages between the Salinites and the Androids around the city of Io. The androids erradicate the Salinites, then migrate en masse to the Salt Flats, where they inevitably corrode and die. Both races are lost.
With the Androids gone, the Cyber-rats take all of the old Ardhamite cities in the South.
The bamboo-folk march south from Ferga, hoping to reclaim their ancient homeland, only to be exterminated by the Cyber-rats of Karna.
Emboldened by their victory over the bamboo-folk, the Cyber-rats raise an army and invade the Pangolin forests. They are beaten back by the Pangolins and slaughtered. The Pangolins quickly expand outward, taking all of the cities of the south-west and making Karna the capital of their new empire.
A History of the Second Age
Regarding the first wars and the founding of Karna.

Note: All years have been converted to CR (Chronicler Reckoning) to reflect the major method of recorded history. All dates prior to 0 CR are “pre-historic” and largely based on oral traditions, myth, conjecture, and reconstruction from discovered artifacts.

Year (CR) Events
-21000 The southernmost tip of the southern continent was flooded and turned into saltwater swamps by the Lord of Pestilence
The Lord of Chance planted a great field of soporific mushrooms on an island in the northernmost bay.
The Lord of Plants founded the Cult of the Creeping Tendril, bent on conquest and world-domination, among the Man-groves.
The Aamuh began cultivating the land of the Turtle-Head Peninsula, draining the swamps and turning them into arable land.
-20000 The Great Mountain erupts, burying the Man-Grove city in a great rain of magma and scattering the Man-Groves.
The great leader Ardhan, rises among the Man-groves and leads many of them into exile following the destruction of their city.
A group of Aamuh are born that are unable to breathe water. This group becomes known as Humans and found the city of Uruk on the islands off the western coast.
-19000 The Lord of Pestilence causes a mass die-off of fish and other marine creatures, which wash ashore in the southern swamps, now known as the Dead Swamps.
The Leviathan appears in the Dead Swamps and gives birth to a race of fish-locust hybrids known as the Poxlom.
The Lord of Chance cuts himself and bleeds forth the Silverblood River, running through the middle of the south-western portion of the continent.
The Aamuh continue their efforts to convert the land south of the Beaked Peninsula to arable farmland.
-18000 The Lord of Plants shaped a race of sapient feline creatures.
The Lord of the Waters created the terrestrial Kraken in opposition to the aquatic Leviathan.
The Humans begin worshiping the Kraken, founding the Cult of the Walking Fish.
The Poxlom begin breeding at an incredible rate.
The Man-Groves, under the leadership of Ardham begin mastering the art of metallurgy.
-17000 The Poxlom master the science of vectors and begin a decline into absolute evil. (Corrupt -2)
The servants of Ardham begin modifying their vegetative bodies with metal augmentations, setting themselves apart from their man-grove brethren and becoming the Ardhamites. The Ardhamites found the cities of Ferga, Arga, and Karna along the banks of the Silverblood River and begin raising an army.
The Lord of Plants cuts a deep, fog-shrouded valley in the midst of the southern continent.
The cat-folk found the city of Katmandid in the Misty Valleys and begin to develop mastery of the forces of electricity, creating many wonders and earning them the moniker Thundercats from the neighboring races.
The Humans master the art of ship-building and land on the mainland, founding the city of Venit.
-16000 The first human settlers land at the mouth of the Silverblood, sparking the First Great War. The human explorers are massacred by the Ardhamites, who then march on Katmandid, conquering the Thundercats and renaming the town Arga Felonis. The Ardhamites then come into conflict with the Poxlom near Karna, and the war rages for many hundreds of years.
The Dendrite Order rises among the Ardhamites in Karna, dedicated to “the purity of iron”.
The Leviathan appears in the flesh among the Poxlom and raises a great army to assault Karna.
Jaga, the fuzzy one, rises among the Thundercats ousted from Katmandid and begins building an army in exile.
The Humans, concerned about the loss of their exploratory vessels, begins building a great armada at Uruk.
-15000 The human armada lands at the south-westernmost point of the continent and builds the unassailable coastal city of Sumter. The fortifications of which shall never be matched in the world.
The Poxlom crush the Ardhamites at Karna, infecting all of the survivors of the great battle with a painful disease.
Ardham flees the battle of Karna and begins raising a new army in Arga. The Ardhamites in Arga begin mastering the arts of public administration.
Alder, a great holy-man among the man-groves declares anathema on Ardham and those who follow him, naming Ardham “The Bad Seed”.
-14000 An order of Katmandists, determined to reclaim their lost homeland, forms around the Thundercat leader Jaga.
The Lord of Pestilence sends a plague of rats into the Poxlom-controlled city of Karna.
The Ardhamites continue to advance the science of metallurgy, learning how to work rare metals such as mithril and adamantine.
The Bamboo-princess, Narishvara appears among the man-groves of Ferga and stirs up more anti-Ardhan sentiment. The Lord of Fate reshapes her children and followers, creating the Bamboo-Folk.
-13000 The Dendrite Order discovers massive mines of precious metals—Titanium, Nickel, Adamantine, and others—in the hills around Karna.
The Ardhamites continue to advance their skill with metallic body-augmentation, such that they are “born wood, yet become steel”.
The Lord of Plants cleaves the ground of the south-central plains, expanding the Misty Valleys to make a home for the Thundercats in exile.
The human armada lands in Karna, where they are welcomed by the Dendrites as liberators, and proceed to slaughter the Poxlom, destroying them utterly.
The Lord of Pestilence causes a great eruption beneath the mines of Karna, sending a great cloud of vaporized metals into the air. A rain of mercury pours down on Karna for a hundred years.
-12000 The Lord of the Waters sent a hurricane to clear the air above Karna, ending the poisonous storms, but polluting the gulf at the mouth of the Silverblood, creating Quicksilver Bay.
Jaga and the Thundercat Zionists rise up and retake Katmandid from the Ardhamites.
The Lord of Pestilence raises a range of mountains cutting Karna off from Arga and the other Ardhamite cities to the north.
Willow, the first Druid—a great, sentient tree—grows on the peak of the mountains dividing Karna and Arga.
Ardham, reeling from his defeats at Karna and Katmandid, raises a new army in Arga. The Ardhamites in Arga discover coal and begin developing steam power.
-11000 It is discovered that the Aamuh have become masters of psionic mind-control and have been the driving force behind the human’s rapid expansion.
The Tardigrades, long silent, build three new cities in the Salt Flats: Kosh, Io, and Fleur de Sel.
The Tardigrades appear throughout the world using great clockwork flying machines, born on trade-winds created by the Lord of Chance.
Narishvara raises an army in Ferga to oppose Ardham and begins a civil-war among the various Man-grove races.
-10000 Ardham marches on Ferga and kills Narishvara, ending the civil-war.
The great Hive Tyrant, Chikit (Kai-Tick), becomes ruler of the Tardigrades.
The Tardigrades develop antikythera mechanisms, clockwork computing, and advanced cryptographics for protecting their investors’ information.
Karna, after several thousand years of relative peace, falls into decadence. (Corrupt -1)
The Lord of Chance causes the Brass Mere in the southern mountains to overflow, creating a new tributary of the Silverblood.
-9000 Great earthquakes rock the northern Steppes, caused by the sudden appearance of giant worm-like creatures.
The humans continue to expand, founding the cities of Mocvau and Whit, on the northern continent, and Salisbury, on the southern coast of the great Salt Flats.
The Tardigrades master the art of glass-making and threaten the human city of Salisbury with strange weapons that magnify and focus light.
The Dendrite Order founds the holy city of Corgha on the shores of the Brass Mere.
-8000 The Thundercats, after years of political double-dealing with the Ardhamites, become masters of Intrigue.
Faced with the advanced weapons of the Ardhamites, Tardigrades, and Thundercats, the humans call on the gods for help, becoming the first users of Divine magic.
The Enclavists Order appears among the Dendrites, preaching a doctrine of isolationism and the hoarding of knowledge. They Enclavists build the great nautilus-shaped Spire in the heart of Corgha.
Ardham begins building a new army in a desire to conquer the humans.
-7000 The long-isolationist mercenary Arachnids appear at the head of Tardigrade negotiations, having mastered the arts of Eugenics, Weather-control Magics, Unarmed Martial Arts, and military Logistics.
The humans begin advancing the science of naval warfare, becoming undisputed masters of the sea.
The Dendrite Order, long a presence in Karna, rises up and defeats the city’s human overlords, killing the Kraken and taking control of the mines of Karna.
The Thundercat city of Kashyyk is founded.
-6000 The Lord of the Waters caused the first forest to grow on the southern shores, near the fortified city of Sumter.
The Willow gives birth to a race of sentient Pangolins which make their home in the southern forests.
The Eclavists build the inner-sanctum of the Spire in Corgha, isolating themselves completely, even from other Dendrites.
Great bamboo forests begin growing up around the city of Ferga.
Ardham’s army marches on Sumter and lays siege to the fabled fortress.
-5000 The Kraken Kings of the human capital of Venit raise a great army to oppose the Ardhamites.
Ardham, stymied at Sumter, marches on Venit and lays a siege. The war rages so long that the Ardhamite city of Contra-Vene grows on the outskits of Venit.
The Arachnids begin building an army (for an as-yet unknown purpose).
-4000 The Dendrites and Enclavists finally throw off the last vestiges of their plant-based origins, becoming creatures of an entirely artificial nature, calling themselves the Inevitables.
The Tardigrades develop advanced data storage and record keeping capabilities and found a strange pact with the esotericist Inevitables.
The Human-Ardhamite war ends with the cities of Venit and Contra-Vene falling into the sea—precipitated by some previously unknown Ardhamite weapon.
As the siege of Venit ends, the Inevitables strike out and utterly destroy the Ardhamites, leaving only inanimate shells behind as a record of their existence.
-3000 The grand-nephew of the King of Venit moves the human capital to Karna.
The dead of Venit and Contra-Vene re-animate as The Drowned and continue their age-long siege, battling eternally beneath the waves of The Bay of the Damned.
A History of the First Age
Regarding the great cleaving of continents.

Note: All years have been converted to CR (Chronicler Reckoning) to reflect the major method of recorded history. All dates prior to 0 CR are “pre-historic” and largely based on oral traditions, myth, conjecture, and reconstruction from discovered artifacts.

Year (CR) Events
-∞ The Mighty Wind, the Spawner of Worlds, passed between two great stars, birthed the world, and passed on.
The Five Elder Gods found the world—a mass of land, void and without form.
-62000 The Lord of Lies, laid down the Steppes of the north.
The Lord of Plants bathed the center of the land in tropical heat.
The Lord of the Waters brought forth great monsoon rains upon the Beaked Peninsula.
The Lord of Pestilence conjured a Primordial Soup in the midst of the monsoons.
-57000 The Lord of Plants cleaved a great trench in the depths, just north of the Beaked Peninsula.
-52000 The Earth Cleaver split the land in twain, dividing north from south.
The Lord of the Waters brought forth the Ancients from the primordial soup of the Beaked Peninsula. The Cult of the Spawning Fish was born among the Ancients.
The Lord of Pestilence gave birth to the Leviathan. Many of the ancients turned to the worship of the Leviathan, forming the Cult of the Devouring Fish. A memetic disease spread throughout the Ancients, driving them to acts of violence.
-47000 The Lord of Lies gave birth to the Catobleponas in the northern steppes.
The Earth Cleaver split the lands of the north in twain, diving east from west and drowning the great city of the Catobleponas.
The Lord of Lies created the Water Wall, at the site of the drowning of the great city, allowing the Catobleponas to continue their migrations across the Northern Strait.
The Lord of the Waters taught the Ancients the art of making mobiles — creating great rotating cities, maps of the planets, and many strange weapons.
The Lord of Pestilence spread corruption throughout the Ancients, creating a deep-seated greed in the males of the species, driving them to refuse to mate with the females. (Corrupt -1)
-42000 The Lord of Plants raised up the Great Mountain from which poured all the waters of the earth.
The Lord of Plants birthed the Man-groves, a race of sentient plant creatures.
The Lord of Pestilence raised up the Pillars of Fire and Smoke by the Water Wall, and surrounded the region with a dense fog.
The Lord of Lies joined the lands of the North-east and North-west with a land bridge of islands and ice.
-37000 A race of fully-humanoid cephalodods evolved from the Ancients.
The Lord of Plants and the Earth Cleaver brought forth a great range of mountains in the tropical climes.
The Lord of Pestilence created the Gray Wells in the northern steppes.
The Lord of Lies made the Catobleponas to ossify on death, creating the great Catoblepas Graveyards are the Gray Wells.
-32000 A great Salt Meteor fell in the south-east, creating vast salt-flats and raising the Pillar of Salt.
The Lord of Pestilence laid a permanent mirage over the northern edge of the Salt Flats, causing the deadly and barren landscape to appear as a lush, tropical jungle.
The Lord of Lies created the Windsongs of the Northern Steppes, perpetual music of unmatched beauty caused by the wind blowing through the bones of the great Catoblepas Graveyards.
-27000 The Lord of Lies sent his avatar, Tsuur, who founded the order of the Windsingers of the Catobleponas.
The Lord of Plants created to the Tardigrades. The Tardigrades found their capital city at the great Salt Spire.
The Lord of Pestilence taught the Tardigrades the art of trade, and established Salt as the primary currency of the world.
The Lord of the Waters breathed life into the Beaked Peninsula, giving birth to the great turtles that make up the hills and islands of that land.
-22000 Tsuur raised great armies among the Catobleponas. Wars raged and many of that ancient race were killed.
The Lord of Lies taught the arts of healing and medicine to the Man-groves, granting them the ability to synthesize pharmaceuticals in their own bodies.
The Lord of Plants taught the Man-groves mastery of poisons and founds the Cult of the Waxen Berry.
The Ancients were killed when great A’Tuin the turtle awoke and devoured them all.
The Lord of Pestilence led a group of Tardigrades into the Great Mirage and changed them into the war-like race of Arachnids (crab-like alkiliphiles). The Arachnid city of Pikling is founded in the heart of the Great Mirage.
The Earth Cleaver raised up a great range of volcanic mountains in the south, dividing the southern continent. The ash blotted out the sky and the sandstone glass of the mountains chilled the surrounding land, blanketing the area in perpetual ice.
-21001 The Mighty Wind briefly descended on the world again, raising great storms across all the land—salt-storms in the Salt Flats, tornadoes in the Steppes, and hurricanes in the tropics and the Beaked Peninsula—ending the age.

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