Ancients_Male.jpgThe Ancients were the first sentient race to inhabit the world.

Male Ancients were little more than sentient octopi. These tentacled creatures could not breath air and could not leave the water. Female Ancient were amphibious and humanoid in form, and, aside from the tentacle-like hair and cartilaginous skeletal structures, might even be mistaken for modern humans. The females would mate with the males then lay their eggs on land in order to protect them from being devoured by the vicious males.
The Ancients were worshippers of Dgn and the Cult of the Spawning Fish and Cult of the Devouring Fish are believed to be direct descendants of the Ancient’s worship practices—corresponding to the female and male aspects of the ancients respectively.

The Ancients lived, almost exclusively on the Beaked Peninsula, dependent on the constant rains to keep their skin moist and to drive the great rain-wheels that powered their strange technology. Their cities, villages, and homes were built upon the backs of the great turtles that make up the Peninsula, and would thus often change their orientation relative to each other.

The Ancients were masters of the arts of mobile making. They built great cities and temples, both above and beneath the waves, that constantly rotated, with buildings spinning around each other, strange spiraling staircases, and massive, accurate representations of the planets and stars in their orbits.

Ancient culture survived for roughly 35000 years and is believed to have been ended by the Plague of Storms that culminated the First Age.


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