Beaked Peninsula

This south-western peninsula, and the associated archipelago, is so named because it looks like the beak of some great water-bird.

The land here is drenched by constant monsoon rains. For nine months out of the year the rains fall constantly, excepting every second Wednesday thanks to the intercession of the Lord of Lies.

The land of the peninsula here is no land at, but rather a mass of giant turtles of various sizes, drawn there by the rains, from as small as a few meters across, to as large as several miles. These turtles sleep tightly packed together, such that the peninsula looks like rolling hills. At rare intervals, a turtle will awaken. When this occurs, it may dive (causing a section of land to sink with it) or swim away from the main mass, becoming a new island in the Beaked Archipelago.

The oreric ruins of the Ancients are believed to lie here, resting atop the back of A’Tuin, the largest and most ancient of the great turtles.

Beaked Peninsula

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