The Conflict Management and Mitigation Regional Council, alternatively known as the Conflict Abatement Through Local Mitigation (CALM) Project, is a Non-governmental entity in the ancient capital city of Karna in the Catamarok Empire.

The CALM project began in the year 2285. The basis for the project was the observation that youth are frequently targeted by factions attempting to promote their own agenda, and often this targeting results in episodes of violence. As a result, youth are an essential key to abating conflict. The purpose of the project is to neutralize potential conflict by better sharing information, and deepening the understanding of key stakeholders such as the targeted youth. The integration of conflict management into all major sectors of the economy and society is a priority objective of the CALM project.

Structured training was completed in areas including conflict management, civic education, and skills enhancement, and an early warning system was implemented. This is intended to neutralize potential conflicts, allowing them to be identified as early as possible and be resolved before reaching a danger point.

The project is supported by two main objectives:

  1. Conflict prevention actors have enhanced information (in terms of quantity and quality)
    and analysis to plan and target timely conflict prevention activities.
  2. Conflict prevention actors have enhanced capacity to take action based upon
    information collected through clandestine information networks.

The work of members of CALM runs in direct opposition to a number of other organizations, including the Imperial Army, The Kraken King and his forces, the Penguin Mafia, various Pangolin insurgent groups, and numerous racially, religiously, or politically motivated armed gangs and militias operating within the city of Karna and the surrounding region. As such, CALM always works in secrecy, infiltrating these violent actors, collecting information on planned attacks or other events that might cause an escalation of violence in Karna, and striking strategically to either stop those attacks from occurring or else controlling the spread of information about those acts to the general populace (to keep one act of violence from sparking a cascade of retributive killings).

No method is taboo for the members of CALM, so long as it does not contribute to further violence. Stealing bodies and destroying evidence at the scene of an attack, destroying military equipment, kidnapping commanders, spreading disinformation, blocking roads or otherwise impeding transportation are all tools in the CALM arsenal. While they receive some funding, encouragement, and material support from the local governments of Karna and the surrounding region, their singularity of purpose leads the Catamarok Imperial Senate to label CALM as a terrorist organization, alongside the likes of the Pangolin Liberation Front.


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