See also Dormin and Adamant Order

All colossi have the appearance of gargantuan statues come to life. Though no two are exactly alike, most appear to be made out of stone. Sometimes this stone is amorphous or even cut like the stones of a building, giving the colossus the look of architecture. Some colossi are so massive that green, leafy plants have begun growing on their bodies. Most colossi are (partially) based on animals and creatures.

Colossi have a black, ichorous blood coursing through their bodies. Whenever damage is done to a colossus, this black blood will gush from the wound, creating a black mist. Striking a major sigil on the body will cause a geyser of blood to eject.

The last key feature is their eyes. While no two colossi are alike, many have the same eyes: a glowing, pulsating iris surrounded by black with a deep pupil in the middle. Whenever a colossus is passive, its eyes are normally a shade of sky blue. When enraged, the eyes glow a fierce orange.

Some colossi can generate powerful bursts of energy, and there are places on their bodies that mark the presence of this energy. These colossi can create strong, concussive blasts of brutal force. Others use the energy to further armor themselves against mortals’ attempts to scale them or attack their weak spots.

After defeating a colossus, a gigantic pillar of light will appear in the skies far above its corpse. These can be seen from every corner of the world, and serve as a record of the tremendous deed that is slaying one of these creatures. It is believed that these shafts of light are somehow related to the power of Dormin. Most scholars claim that the lights fade over time, at roughly the same rate as the decomposition of the Colossus’s body. Hundreds of such shafts of light can be seen in the Forbidden Valley, marking the sight of a mass slaying of the creatures by Prospero and his armies.


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