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An Uber-god comes along, makes planets, and leaves.
The Scavenger Gods come in and take control of what is left behind.

The core rules for Dawn of Worlds can be downloaded for free Here.


  1. We will play 6 Ages (not 3). Each age will take 1 full gaming session (however many rounds we can fit in before we have to go home).
    1. Ages 1 & 2 will use “1st Age” costs for actions. Time in Age 1 is in 5000 year increments, Age 2 is 1000 year increments.
    2. Ages 3 & 4 will use “2nd Age” costs for actions. Time in Age 3 is in 500 year increments, Age 4 is 100 year increments for the first half, then 50 year increments.
    3. Ages 5 & 6 will use “3rd Age” costs for actions. Time in Age 5 is in 10 year increments. Time in Age 6 is in 1 year increments.
  2. Each player rolls 3d6 for power each round (instead of 2d6). Whoever rolls the greatest number of points goes first that round (with play proceeding clockwise).
  3. Any Player who skips a session will start the next session with a number of banked points equal to 1d6 per round that occurred in the previous session (Age). Their god is assumed to have been sleeping for an age and awakens with the desire to wreak their will upon the world.
  4. Players are free to create new gods (characters) for themselves each session (thereby expanding the pantheon), or continue the exploits of their prior deity.
  5. Each round, one player (rotating) must roll 1d6. On a 1, the player may declare one great cataclysm (equivalent to the “Event” power) that befalls a full quarter of the world.
  6. We will be playing D&D in this world after it is made.
  7. Every 1 year of in-game time, the gods will reconvene to play a round using Age 3 costs, in order to continue enacting their will.

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