The Scavenger Gods

Compiled House Rules

Rule 1: Disregard all rules for hardness/hitpoints of objects. They are way too abstract. Shit will break whenever the DM says so (which is probably often).


  1. Attacks of Opportunity do not exist.
  2. Combat Maneuvers do base weapon damage (no bonuses) in addition to the listed effect.
  3. Anyone can “take it on the shield” to negate any one damaging effect (gives the shield the broken condition, cannot be done with a broken shield).
  4. Magical “pluses” do not exist in any form.
    • If your class has abilities that give magical pluses to weapons or armor (Paladin, Magus, etc.), you may (nae, MUST) spend all of those on special abilities.
  5. Any fellow party member can take a standard round action to give a character a free re-save against any mind-affecting effect (“Snap out of it Earl!”). Works once per effect.
  6. The Dodge feat is “take it on the shield” without the shield (negate one attack per round, no lame AC bonus).
  7. Grappling rules do not exist. Any time you attack to deal non-lethal damage, feel free to describe all the grabbing and rolling on the ground you want.
  8. If you insult your enemies and make an ass of yourself, they WILL attack you. “Drawing agro” is a role-playing action, you don’t need to make any kind of check for that.
  9. Initiative is a “Stat” not a roll. Everyone has a flat initiative of 10 + modifiers.
  10. Any time a character is are hit by a creature at least 2 sizes larger than him, he goes flying 10 feet directly away from the creature that struck him and falls prone. If an object impedes this movement, the character takes an additional 1d6 damage and stops. If the object is relatively fragile (glass, a wooden door, etc.) the character takes damage, but continues his movement, destroying the object.


  1. Ammunition (any variety) must always be purchased in lots of 20. (I’ll make a cost sheet if i get some free time).
  2. Do not track ammo. Instead, if you roll a natural “1” on an attack roll, you have exhausted one lot….Done.


  1. Spells from the school of Divination are only available to Giant Eagles. All other character may not cast ANY Divination spells, regardless of class.1
  2. Spells from the school of Conjuration do not exist, with the exception of Conjuration [healing] spells. All other Conjuration spells are not available regardless of class.1
  3. The Raise Dead and Resurrect spells are only available to priests of Dormin (which are bloody rare). No other characters can use these spells. The “True Resurrect” spell is only available by going directly to Dormin and begging for a favor.
  4. Explosive effects will expand to fill space until their allotted volume has been reached (i.e. indoors a fireball will fill 33 10-ft. cubes). Detailed description of such physics can be found here.

1 This only applies to spells. Spell-like abilities and class abilities that duplicate spells from these schools work normally.


  1. If you chuck a PC at negative hit points into a body of water and let them bleed out there, they will come back as one of The Drowned. Otherwise, if you die you are dead and have to hope someone is willing to sell their soul to Dormin to get you back.


  1. Skill check DCs default to 15 + your character level (for a “easy” check). It is thus better to be good at a few skills than “okay” at all of them.
  2. You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to find ways to not have to make the check. Bonuses to skill checks will be given out liberally for creative planning, good role-playing, and successfully applied magic (why Climb when you can Fly?).
  3. Skills like Diplomacy and Intimidate exist as a fall-back. If you make a believable argument, the check should not be necessary.


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