Dormin, the “Godking of the Colossi”, is a mysterious shadowed entity, born out of the fallen corpse of one of The Fleet, living in the Forbidden Valley. Dormin is served faithfully by all Colossi and worshiped as a god by the members of the Adamant Order. Dormin communicates with his faithful both through a large sunlit aperture in the ceiling of the Shrine of Worship, and is also able to speak through any of the Colossi. Those being who have spoken with Dormin claim that his voice sounds as though many people are speaking at once.

Dormin holds knowledge of a great power and mastery of many forms of magic, and for this reason was sealed away by Emperor Prospero as a menacing being in the ancient past. Most unique among his powers is the ability breath life into those who have died, Resurrecting them fully (though seldom without a steep price for those requesting such a thing). It is for this violation of the natural order the Shrine of Worship is a forbidden place, and the reason making it so was seen as necessary for the people. The Church of the Seven especially considers Dormin to be a being of absolute evil and corruption.

Some fifty years ago, Emperor Prospero marched his armies into the Forbidden Valley and slew Dormin. Dormin’s body was destroyed, his essence and power were scattered and bound to the remaining Colossi, and his consciousness was trapped within the Shrine of Worship. While entrance to the valley and the shrine are forbidden by Imperial decree, it is said that Prospero himself regularly visits Dormin in the Shrine of Worship, and has learned many dark arts from his conversations with the mighty colossus.

Making a deal with Dormin is the only way to bring a slain character back from the dead (other than as one of the Drowned). It is rumored that the most powerful priests of the Adamant Order may be able to channel this power of Dormin without the need for his immediate presence.


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